Welcome to Employment National!
Traversing the realm of digital marketing no longer needs to be a needle in a haystack deal. With the right solutions and the right partners, your business or brand can be the next Google Adwords darling.


Started in the year 2000 by one Liam O’Shane, Employment National once began as a small company that found a way to navigate through the digital marketing maze. Since then, O’Shane has formed a steady team of hard working marketing executives that all share his passion and savvy for successful marketing.


Since then, the Employment National team has helped countless of businesses and brands (both small and large) with their Adwords and we have not looked back. We take a rather active stance in the education and empowerment of our clientele.


No need to fear getting bogged down by trendy buzzwords that may not even make a lick of sense in the long run. We mean business and your success story is our ultimate goal.


If you believe that our company is a good fit for what you need, reach out to us through support@employmentnational.com.au. Our ready team of consultants and marketing executives are all at the ready to begin your own Adwords success story.