Buzzwords Begone! The 4-1-1 on What They Really Mean

In our years in the field, we have often come across hapless clients who have been bullied into prolonging their contracts with their previous marketing companies simply because they believe they had no way of understanding all the jargon or ‘buzzwords’ that are thrown around.


Here in Employment National, that simply will not do. We stand for fair and proper business practices. We believe if our clients are successful, we are successful. As such, our marketing executives have been kind enough to provide us with a list of common buzzwords and what they really mean!



This simply means Call to Action. These are keywords or phrases that inspire a sense of urgency in consumers. You have come across this in traditional advertising and retail: “Before stocks run out”. As a form of business practice for some, profit is king. In order to obtain those profits, the consumers need to see ads that will incite action to purchase.



This refers to your Click through Rate. This is a rather important way to measure how effective your campaign is based on how many people have selected or browsed it through your Adword. This basically refers to the performance of your Ads.



This refers to your Cost per Click. In the kingdom of Google and other search engines, your CPC refers to how much you will be required to pay for every single client engagement with your Adword. If you have faced marketing firms that always try to make you pay the maximum amount, consider yourself warned regarding their priorities and business practices.



This refers to your Quality Score. While you might be surprised that Adwords have quality scores, it is important that you wrap you head around that right away. You must be able to determine the relevancy of your ads and your Adwords in order to launch effective campaigns.


There is so much more…

The ones we have discussed above are only some of the so called buzzwords that you will encounter in the world of digital marketing. Do not get left behind in the conversation and partner up with a company that empowers both you and your business.